César Domingo Mendiondo López born in Madrid the 25th of June 1966. During 14 years he has been a professional football player in various Spanish Club. He has the Sports Director degree and the title of UEFA LEVEL 3.


 He trained in the Football Club Atlético de Madrid going through all training programs until reaching the top at the age of 18 where he joined the first team with coach Luís Aragonés.


 The main part of his football career was developed in the Club RCD Espanyol of Barcelona where he played 173 matches but also in other clubs like Rayo Vallecano and Mérida.


 He was part of the National Spanish Football Team in the categories sub 16, sub 17, sub 18, sub 19 and sub 20 becoming World Sub-Champion.


 After retiring as a football-player, he was part of the management team at Atlético de Madrid and the Spanish National Football Team together with Luís Aragonés, and in 2008 they won the Title as European Champions.


 Later, Luís Aragonés offered him the job as 2nd coach of the Club Fenerbahce of Turkey, where they won the title as Sub-Champions of the Turkish Cup.


 In the season 2012 - 2013, he worked as 2nd coach together with Roberto Carlos in the Turkish Football Club Sivassport which was in the first division.


 In the season 2015 - 2016, he was the first coach of Hapoel Tel Aviv Football Club (Israel).